Golfing once again

It’s not been quite a decade since I’ve played golf, but it has been quite a while. It just wasn’t very workable with colitis for most of the time. Sometimes during a remission I could play, but even that wasn’t really possible in the last several years. That much walking without a bathroom anywhere around just wasn’t a good idea. Anyway, yesterday I broke the streak and went golfing. I actually had a lot of fun and the bathroom was the last thing on my mind, except of course when the port-a-potty was right behind the green and we were all joking about hitting it with someone inside. In fact I didn’t have any problems. And only once did I even notice my ostomy bag or my stoma. I just felt a little bit of a stretch (about the same as trying to crack my back when I’m a little stiff). Nothing to worry about. I was tickled pink. I used to love playing golf, and now I can do it again. Prices have gone up a bit (ok, a lot) since I last played, but my wife Chris is starting to get interested in trying it out, so I don’t think that will be a problem.

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