Corn on the cob

I know some people have troubles with some foods with their ostomies, but I haven’t run into this yet (knock on wood). And that means that corn is back in. I have been able to eat corn on the cob twice so far this summer and creamed corn once–and summer has just started. My wife is huge corn fan, but in the past, she has had to make it just for herself. But now I’m feeling better and my daughter has gotten some teeth, so we are regularly having it.

And while my wife was away for a few days visiting her sister and our new nephew, I went to the movies twice and had popcorn! Not that I really needed or wanted it, but my step-dad always buys a large popcorn for a movie so he can refill it as many times as he wants, so I dove in and had some. It was good.

It’s pretty cool to go from not eating anything very “fibrousy” for nearly a decade to being able to eat whatever I want again.

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