At a loss for words

This may be a bit of a crude topic, but being the kind of guy that I am, I’ve come up with a problem that I’m guessing most ostomates never even worry about. What to call what comes out of me? I’m a writer and I like to understand words and to use them correctly, but I so far haven’t been able to find the proper word for whatever it is that ends up in my ostomy bag.

It’s definitely not s*&t, crap, poop, caca or any of the other names for a normal person’s feces. And it’s not “chyme”, that’s the food after it’s been digested in the stomach and first enters the intestine. I guess it could be “effluence”, stuff that flows out, but that seems sort of silly.

Anyway, I’m going to keep looking to see what I can come up with. Otherwise, I’m going to take this opportunity to coin a new word!

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