Success! Swimming again!

Today my wife had to dash out of town for the evening so I got to fulfill the promise to go swimming with our daughter. And since I have my new ostomy swim trunks I was up for the challenge. So we went swimming for a few minutes until my daughter wanted to get out and go on the slides, but all went well. It did help a bit to have to carry her and her floaty toy as sort of a gradient of having people see me with my shirt off.

There were really only two awkward things about the whole experience. One was that I had to wear my shorts about two inches higher than I normally wear things so it felt a little bit funny, but not extremely so and once your in the water, it doesn’t really matter anyway. The second was something that I’m sure even normal dad’s have to worry about: kicking baby feet. After a few minutes in the water, I looked down and noticed my shorts had come down a bit and were showing my bag. I doubt anyone noticed since we were in the water, but my daughter had kicked my shorts down some. But no big deal.

So basically I’m back in business as far as swimming goes. Maybe I’ll start swimming regularly (yea, I know, fat chance, but I do like to swim so at least it’s a possibility again).

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