About Me

Hi! My name is Jared. I’m a fairly normal guy, who happens to have had a colectomy and now has an ileostomy. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was seventeen and successfully battled it (having many periods of remission) for many years before starting to head downhill for the last couple. I then finally decided have the colectomy surgery since life was getting unbearable both for me personally and as a husband and new dad.

And that leads me to more personal details. I am a computer consultant. I graduated from and and now work a lot with the Delphian School. That’s where I met my lovely wife, who is a professional photographer. And we now have a very active little girl named Daphne.

I started this blog because while there was a bunch of data about ostomies out there, I didn’t think there was enough to make it really easy to find (it was split up in forums and email groups and books and older web sites). And none of it was really about what life was like as an ostomate, meaning the little details like what’s it like to change an ostomy bag or how neat it is to eat corn on the cob again.

So this is my attempt to share my day-to-day experiences as an ostomate and also to share any other thoughts I have about being an ostomate and having had ulcerative colitis. These aren’t the same experiences everyone has or will have, but at least it will put some more data out there that people may find useful in understanding things or making decisions.